Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wordle: shells

Tool 2 - commenting on my blog

1.  My thoughts about building an online educational community and participating in a personal learning network (PLN) leave me with mixed feelings. This opportunity opens up another world where I must get out of the box and begin to join the 21st century learners. Change often creates anxiety for me and more technology involvement that encourages me to connect, share my thoughts, and contribute. I accept the challenge of learning new technology skills in order to remain marketable, however perhaps this road will  also open up a new world where on-line educators and students learn from each other through dialogue.

2.  Many points stood out to me from the commenting advice, but my favorite one is to blog when you truly care or share from the heart. I am hoping this will make blogging authentic and sincere.

3.  The 5 blogs that I selected for my comments are: The Cool Cat Teacher, Blue Skunk Blog, Always Learning Blog, 2cents worth blog, and The Fischbowl Blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

blogging again

Tonight, I finally pasted my Voki to my blogger page and I am satisfied.  Success!!

I created my very first blog, this being the second one to verify that I set up my blog site, named it, created a Voki, found the introductory parts of my blog such as the dashboard, setting, and design modes.

I plan to register this blog with 11 tools for the 21st century to earn credit for completing Tool 1.

Yea ~


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brand new blog

I am so thrilled to have set up my very, very first blog and my Voki!
Join me ~

Robin Swanson
Nottingham Knights