Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tool 8

Tool 8
I learned about the parts of  Dell 2120 Notebook. The Notebook is similar to my laptop and is enhanced with a projector connection and several USB ports in order to operate a digital camera or headphone jacks. The web cam is inside the computer at the top of the screen and used for collaboration or the use of skype. I also found the log in information for both teachers and students.. The purpose of the notebook is for research, learning, creating, and collaborating.

The I Pod is a touch pad where I will join I Tunes, set up my own account in order to download content apps which will be tied to my SBISD email account. I found the steps for setting up the SBISD wireless network account.

In the fall, I will need to prepare procedures and guidelines for using my devices. First, I must check Skyward for a list of students who's parents have read, signed, and returned the SBISD AUP policy, found in the student handbook.
I plan to assign classroom helpers (techies) who will be responsible for setting up the classroom devices daily, returning and connecting to power found in the docking cabinet.
I will set up consequences and guidelines for the use and care of the devices, rules and procedures for when we use the devices to collaborate either in partners or in table teams.
I plan to use the devices in workstations with directions for who gets each device and how to use the technology during station time.
I will create a team of troubleshooting techies to solve problems and share what they have learned.
Finally, there must be an accountability with consequences (positive and negative) for using the devices.

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