Friday, November 25, 2011

Tool 9

Tool 9 clearly is all about teacher and student accountability. For the teacher, be clear about your curriculum and make sure the learning objectives are congruent with the Web 2.0 tools.
Providing  students with a variety of ways to demonstrate understanding will promote motivation for students to take responsibility for their learning. Also, enlisting the support of students as techies will promote ownership of taking care of the devices for learning. I like the idea of using technology for daily reflections or the web cam for students to explain what was learned or what they liked about a particular lesson.
I plan to implement technology as stations for ongoing practice and use sites such as Learning Games and Kids, TES i board for math, and Mangahigh to provide rigor and higher level learning in math.
There are so many apps, however I found ABA flashcards to review science concepts, Arithmetick math flash cards will be a daily practice station as well as ZDOKU, the app for Sudoku.

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